Why “Golden Pearl”?

Some of you may wonder where I got the title “Golden Pearl”.

The Golden Pearl is a symbol of optimal physical, psychological, and spiritual health.

The notion of a Golden Pearl is a metaphor from an esoteric discipline of meditation and self-cultivation known as Daoist Alchemy. The Daoist adepts believed that by meditating according to a set of metaphysical and physiological principles, one could generate a kind of substance within oneself that does not decay but instead sustains the body by, in a way, aging backwards. They achieved this through various forms of Qigong.

Now, this is a wild concept and it lead the ancient Daoists to construct some fascinating and far-reaching ideas about what was possible through meditation and Qigong; however, immortality in the ancient Daoist sense is not what we’re after at Golden Pearl Health.

The idea of generating one’s own golden pearl of health is something that is universal. This pearl is something that is already in each of us, and that we only need to awaken through conscious action, patience, and prayer.

“Golden [Pearl]” is another name for one’s fundamental Nature… All human beings have this Golden [Pearl] complete in themselves: it is entirely achieved in everybody. It is neither more in a sage, nor less in an ordinary person.” – Liu Yiming, 1734-1821

Accessing and utilizing this ability means tapping into one’s own deep, spiritual resources and finding nourishment and sanctity in life. “Nourishing the pearl” means finding a balance between yin and yang in one’s life and achieving a deep sense of spiritual fulfillment in that nourishment.

At Golden Pearl Health, we seek to bring to light one’s own spiritual power to heal oneself (or allow one to be healed by powers greater than you or I). This is the pinnacle of the healing arts – to give the foundation and allow the space for one to be healed naturally.

To watch a presentation I did on Daoist Alchemy, click here.

For more information, here is an article I wrote entitled The Importance of Spirituality in Healing.

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