Men’s Reproductive Health

CAUTION: Includes explicit topics related to men’s reproductive health.

As stated in the last articlemen are at a higher risk of developing jing deficiency through lifestyle than women.

In Chinese culture, it is considered harmful if a boy begins masturbating before puberty. This drains jing before the jing-boost that happens when a young man reaches sexual maturity. Also, many cultures have simply a more abstinent and sex-restrictive culture than those in the West. In both Vedic and Asian cultures, sex is traditionally something that is performed seldom but always with purpose. Sex strictly for the sake of “getting off” is largely a Western phenomenon. Sex is a sacred act and should be treated as such.

Men in Western culture would benefit greatly by learning the practice of retaining seminal fluid.

I encourage all men that I engage with on this topic to abstain from excessive loss of semen for the purpose of maintaining a healthy storage of jing. The Huangdi Neijing Suwen (Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine) states that a man in his twenties should have sex no more frequently than once every four days. In his thirties, sex should be limited to once every 8 days; in this fourties, once every sixteen days; in his fifties, about once a month; and so on.

Seem like a tall order? Perhaps not if what the Neijing meant by “sex” was actually “ejaculation”. (I think they really did mean sex in general, but bear with me…)

I realize that here in the West, we like to have our cake and eat it too – and sex is one of life’s greatest joys. In light of this, one thing that a man can do is learn the art and science of non-ejaculatory orgasm, or semen retention. In Indian and East Asian cultures, this is not an alien concept. When a man works on this ability, he can achieve multiple male orgasm. Be forewarned, for many men this is an extremely challenging (but extremely rewarding) task and can take years before it is done correctly. Failure is easy and success largely depends on a man’s level of focus.

This practice is often considered inherent to the practice of Daoist Alchemy and some of the physiological understandings of it’s effects spring from that tradition. An integral part of this practice is partaking in qigong and breathwork. Kegel exercises are key. I often make the hyperbolic remark when discussing kegels that “100 kegels per day just gets you in the club. 300 is bronze level membership.” Strong pubococcygeal muscles (the muscles used to stop oneself from urinating) are entirely necessary if you want to stop ejaculation from happening.

Want a tip? Try clenching your fist (only need one) or your jaw or even squeezing your eyes tightly while kegeling and see how long you can hold it. The sympathetic resonance between these contractory movements of multiple muscles at once will enhance your ability to focus on that activity. Kind of like how some weightlifters wear mouth-guards.

It is important that a man engages his mind and his body together in this process. Mindfulness meditation on the body can improve the coherence between one’s mind and body (especially along with Qigong). Practicing “edging”, either by oneself or with a partner, will greatly enhance one’s success with seminal retention by forcing one to be mindful of exactly what is meant by the term “climax”.

Just prior to climax the pubococcygeal muscles are tightened and strong breathing according to the Microcosmic Orbit is performed. The trick is in the timing. If the PC muscles are clenched too early or too late, the results can be undesirable (sometimes painful). If done correctly, seminal emissions will either be reduced or will be eliminated altogether (also called a dry orgasm), and the sexual, generative energy of the orgasm will be funneled into the Ren and Du channels of the Microcosmic Orbit and stored as a newly transformed form of jing rather than being lost. The man should notice more energy after a dry orgasm rather than the usual depletion of energy that happens after ejaculatory orgasm.

Be forewarned that this can also be dangerous. There exists such a thing called retrograde ejaculation where a man can accidentally ejaculate backwards into his bladder – and it is very painful (though it doesn’t cause long term damage).

I encourage any man who is interested in this kind of practice to research the work of Mantak Chia. You can find many of his books available online in PDF form for free, along with Youtube videos. The book I recommend the most is “Multi-Orgasmic Man“.

Men in our time and culture are in dire need of more spiritual and physical consciousness (and the blending of the two) if we are going to respected and honored for what we are – spiritual beings who’s endowment springs from the same sacred source as that of woman.

Any man who takes this challenge upon himself will be rewarded. Good luck. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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