One of my greatest joys is having the privilege of working with children and their parents in keeping their bodies and minds harmonized and healthy.

I have been called to Chinese medical pediatrics because I’ve seen how effective Chinese medical therapeutics, lifestyle changes, and dietary therapy can be with young people. This discipline is close to my heart because I struggled with cognitive challenges as a child. Had the methods I offer been available to my parents when I was young, my childhood diagnosis of ADD could have been an entirely different story.

In Chinese Medicine, children are considered predominately yang in nature. We become more yin as we age, and subsequently harder to treat. (See my article on Yin and Yang.) This enables children to respond remarkably well to all the therapies Chinese medicine has to offer. Instead of using acupuncture needles, magnets and bodywork are actually preferred. Qigong and meditation techniques are game-changers in the hands of children. Herbal prescriptions generally require much smaller doses and shorter times taking them.

In the same way that children are more sensitive to our therapies than adults, they are also more sensitive to their environment, to what they put in their bodies, and even to their own thoughts. All these things are taken into consideration when treating a young person.

Issues like colds, flus, injuries, and other acute problems can be treated quite effectively using the techniques of Chinese medicine. This being said, we also deal with chronic issues like behavioral, emotional, or cognitive challenges especially well.

It would be an honor to work with you and your child/children in achieving a happy and harmonious, healthy family.